Week 13

These past weeks have been slow in the studio due to being really sick, but I got back to making things that past couple of days. I’ve been really interested in slab building either with hump molds or by templates. I’ve been making a variety of platters using the studio slump molds which has been really fun to experiment with. I am hoping to spend this week designing my own slump molds. I want to makes one for a pasta bowl, a plate, sushi tray, platter and a fruit bowl. The platters I have been making are designed for either center pieces or serving dishes. I really want to make a slump mold plate set but the plate molds we have are very shallow.

It is so odd thinking about graduating. The concept of this being the last few weeks in my studio is so weird. That has been my space for so long that i still have not accepted I need to start packing my work. I still have so much that I want to make and need to glaze fire!