Last Blog :'(

A part of me is sad that this is my last blog I will ever write for undergrad. It makes me realize that there is an end and I have nothing set in stone for after graduation. I am still searching for places to live in Casper Wyoming and I am also working on my application for New Harmony. I have been working on taking photos and updating my website so that when I apply to New Harmony they can better hone in on where my work is at and what I plan to focus on if i was accepted. I plan to show some of the photos I have been taking to see what others think during my critique tomorrow. I am creating photos were people are holding my vessels. With this idea I am hoping that it creates an environment for the viewers to understand that my vessels are created for the everyday user and should be stored in the same cabinet as your store bought mixing bowls.

I have also still been making things in the studio and sketching out new ideas for future work. I am excited about doing a wood-firing over the summer. It allows me to be able to make more work and work that I may like more than what I cranked out for the wood-kiln that fell through. While creating things for the wood-kiln I also plan to work on creating some other cone 6 glazes and developing larger and more complex pots.