week 12

This week has been a dead week in my studio because spring break fell on the same week as NCECA so Brooklin and I went out early to Minneapolis to explore. The conference always goes by so quickly and I always look back and wish I would have done a bunch more. But compared to past conferences I went to a lot more exhibitions and receptions which was nice. The big bummer of this year is that I was sick for the whole conference and still am. When I am there at the conference I always have the urge to be making things. You are being fed so much information that I feel like it takes weeks after to process everything you saw or heard.

Now being back home my focus is to make things for he wood kiln. I want to make a variety if things since this will be my last wood kiln for awhile.

Below is a gallery of few of my favorite moments or pieces from NCECA 2019.