Week 8

My thesis show opening happened on Thursday and overall was a good experience. A bunch of my family came to support me. I think that once my oral defense is over I will feel like I have hit a milestone. It is so weird thinking about graduating but also I am so ready for a new chapter. I have been in college for so long that seeing an end is somewhat overwhelming. I keep trying to think about what I want to do for the rest of the semester and I think that I am going to work on making some slump molds as well as experience with slab building.

This weekend was also Southern Crossing Pottery Festival. I helped volunteer at the event which was a very good experience. Jason Burnett and Michael Hale are such amazing people to work with. Also meeting the artists and being able to handle the artists work was so inspirational. It was hard to not want to buy everything or anything. But I held off so that I have money to buy things at NCECA. While looking at everyones work I instantly had the feeling of wanting to come into the studio and make things. I sadly did not take any photos from the event.