Week 10

I have started prepping for the wood kiln. I made clay today and have started to sketch ideas to make. I am hoping to get quit a bit done before heading to NCECA. I have also still been messing around with cone 6 items. Having my thesis and oral defense behind me it has allowed me to start making without any pressure and without having to think about concepts etc. I can just make and fail with no consequences and no expectation. Exploring textures has been a lot of fun along with finding way to combine slab and pinch together. I used bubble wrap today as a texture and I really enjoyed how it looked. The forms I created with it were horrible but it was fun messing around with some ideas. I think tomorrow I am going to push the idea of pinching and slab even more and see if I can work through a lot of ideas I have that I have yet to see through. I am hoping to get some decent cone 6 mugs to donate to the mug sale at NCECA.