Week 9

I had my oral defense last Friday. I feel like this was the most beneficial and helpful critique I have had during my time at IU Southeast. After my defense the realization I am finally graduation truly hit and it has been an odd feeling. Knowing I do not have to sign up for classes again for next semester is so weird. Since my show is over I have been trying to figure out what I want to do the rest of the semester. After talking to Sam (the worlds bossiest human) I have decided to play around with slab building. That is something I do not have any practice with and thus far I have really been enjoying it. I got some items that are used for installing hospital equipment or used in equipment from my work, I am using these items to texture the slabs. I am using an IV Pole to role onto the slabs and thus far is my favorite texture. I refuse to do one nature item this semester because I feel like in the past I used nature as a cop out and that there is so many more interesting things in this world. I love nature but so does everyone! So I have been making an effort to explore other avenues. I made a lil bud vase that I really enjoy the form and hope to continue in either a larger form or diver form.