week 4

I spent last week making work and trying out new ideas. I learned that I am more productive in my studio if I spend time alone drinking coffee and sketching ideas. Once I get to my studio I have a calmer mindset because I know exactly what I plan to create. This helped me realize that refining my pieces was important. For the longest time I thought that refining my pieces would make the pieces not show my hand marks. But after thinking about it I realized I could reach a happy medium between showing my hand marks and refining the surface. By doing this it also provided a better surface to painting patterns and designs. I also spent a lot of time focusing on creating fidgeting aspects that might function as a handle but do not read as a handle. After my in class critique I realized that people responded better to the vessels that had fidgeting aspects that did not read as a handle.

I also started prototyping my shelf idea. I am not sold on my own idea but I do not really have any other idea. I think that once I create more it will be visually appealing. Displaying this body of work has been difficult for me because I want people to want to interact with the work but I also want it to be displayed in a interesting manner. We will see if I remotely pull this off.