Week 7

This week has felt like it has drug on forever. This whole week has been spent installing my thesis show which has gone a lot smoother than I had anticipated. Over all I enjoy my installation. I feel like the pieces respond well to the shelves and that adding the white stain helped allow the shelves to be apart of my concept but they do not over power the pieces. It feels weird having it set up and knowing the end is near. I feel like I have watched so many of my close friends leave and attend grad school and it felt like my time to graduate would never come. But it is here and I am weirded out by how much free time I am about to have. It has been forever since I have had a clean slate to just do whatever I wanted to do. I am excited to apply to residencies such as New Harmony. I feel like a quiet atmosphere like this would be amazing for me. It would give me time to focus on just my work and be able to better tell where I want to go next. I plan to start applying to residencies and shows this week. It will give me time to take a break from pottery and let myself reset after weeks of constantly making things for my show. I did how ever make some cups that I really want to revisit. I also think I would like to fire one last soda firing before graduating.

Also my fellow classmates and professors helped Southern Crossing Pottery Festival broadcast about the event bright and early this morning. I do not know if there is enough coffee to make me look like I am awake.