Week 6

This last week and the beginning of this week I have focused on wrapping up my show items. I have all of the shelves completed and ready for install. I decided to stain the shelves white. This allows the shelves to not dominate the installation and helps bring the attention to the pots. You can still see the grain of the wood through the stain which I found to be very nice. I have some last minute pots I am making because when I install I want to be able to have more pots that what I need to fill the shelves. Being able to omit pieces will help me feel that I installed the best of the worst versus having to show everything because I did not make enough. I am getting burnt out of my pieces and I am ready to make my last pot for this show tomorrow and to be able to focus on pulling back on the surface treatment and pushing my forms even more. I really want to make larger forms, nesting bowls and fruit and veggie holders. I am also thinking about working on making slump molds.

I have branched away from my body of work a few times just to stay sane and not half ass some of my pieces. I made two quick mugs that are white and baby blue that I really enjoy. I am wanting to add a stain and a glaze liner to them. I have so many ideas and so little time before my time at IUS is over.