Week 3

This month came to an end way to quickly. While I feel like I have my plan for my thesis show pretty well flushed out I also feel behind. I have all my glazes tested that I plan to use and tomorrow my goal is to mix large batches of the clear glaze and the white glaze. After that I am going to focus on getting read for my BFA critique and show. I have really enjoyed testing glazes out and being able to find exactly the look I am going for. I am really enjoying the contrast of the lava glaze and the bronze glaze. The roughness of the lava glaze is so satisfying. When I am holding my pieces I tend to interact a lot with this glaze choice.

I have spent a lot of last week finishing up testing and tweaking the pieces I am making. For example the plates I made were all warping and to prevent this from happening I am going to create the same designed of a plate but make them flat. I will round of the edges but there will no longer be a curve on the bottom. I have spent a lot of time in the past week also thinking about my artist statement and thesis paper. My artist statement is completed but I am really struggling with my thesis paper. I know the material I need to put into the paper but finding the wording and organization has been a huge struggle. And since I am struggling so hard with it I feel like I am forcing myself to spit out words and it all sounds horrible. Hopefully after I get through my first round of edits this paper will start piecing together.