Week 2

The past week was spent testing glazes and high fire wire. I learned that the wire successfully went through the firing without cracking the pot but I do not enjoy the sound of ceramics on wire. So I am going to add the wire after firing and instead of ceramic beads I am going to use wooden beads. I am also going to add other wooden components. With the wooden pieces I am going to dye the wood with Kool-Aid and then add a finish with linseed oil.

I tested a lava glaze that I wanted to look like brick. The test turned out exactly how I wanted it. I also tested a white matte glaze that I really enjoy as well as a clear that is not cloudy like other clears I have worked with. I plan to test a crawl glaze this week.

I have also started to understand my work more and where I see it fully headed. I am taking inspiration from toys that I played with and toys that I still think about or interact with from time to time. I am focusing on the idea of remembering better times during the unhappy times and how the patterns and textures help calm my mind.