Spring Semester Week 1

This semester has started off with so much to do already, which I guess should be expected since it is my last semester. I have started experimenting with my body of work for my thesis show. My plan is to make functional items that all have an aspect of fidgeting to them. The series addresses the coping mechanisms I have created over the years to deal with my social anxiety. It is also going to address how a lot of my ways of fidgeting and coping are derived from my childhood. Most of the pieces will have kinetic aspects and also deal with texture. I am working on doing some tests with high temperature wire because I want to create items to fidget on that are connected by wire. if this does not work during the firings I plan to create the same look but do it after firing the pieces and use stainless steel wire. Most of my past pieces have all been in a grey and brown pallet. With these pieces I really want to explore colors that remind me of my childhood and the items that calm me down visually. My thesis show has to be up by the end of February so I have a lot to try and accomplish by then!