Week 2

Last week has been focused on problem solving. I thought a lot about want I wanted to focus my semester on and after talking with Brian Harper and friends I figured out how I want to spend my semester. I also was faced with issues with my first assignment, which is the project where I needed to find found objects and create work with it. I chose plastic river trash. I wanted to melt if together with a torch but had issues with the plastics melting a different temperature. So, my idea was trashed because I could not find a way to attach the plastic with found objects. I really wanted to find a way to talk about how trash is killing aquatic life, so after staring at Styrofoam for a while I decided to create creatures out of the foam. I wanted to turn the assignment into more of an installation that I would present via photos than a project I brought to the classroom to be critiqued. I installed the critters by the Ohio River and it was fun watching people’s expression as I made them and while I was documenting them. On the side last week, I was working on little pinch pot vessels just to get back into making things. It has been fun just letting myself explore with no restrictions.