Week 5

This week I came across an idea that I am really enjoying and am excited to see how the pieces respond to an atmospheric firing. I have tried many things over the years and I never really responded to any of my own work. I always liked elements of the pieces I have made but i never made a piece and saw the potential of it and the ability to push the idea. This new body of work I see endless ideas of ways to apply slip, opportunity to add dashes of color and the ability to add a natural element that is settle compared to my past attempts at combing ceramics and nature. By using the natural items to print on my work it allows me to combine my two “homes” to represent a simple lifestyle of an everyday person. I am really interested in exploring color blocking and how to use painters tape to create crisp lines. I am also exploring different slips and making a more muted palette of slips with mason stains that compliment the mood I am trying to set with my functional items. I have mostly focused on using leaves, but with this next batch I am going to try other plants like golden rod, cattails and pine needles. Below are some detail shots of the prints and some shots of what I have been applying the color blocking to and the prints.