Week 4

This semester has been slow going for me. I have a lot of ideas but I am struggling finding resolutions for my ideas. I know that I want to add texture/patterns to my work but I am struggling deciding how I want to approach this.  I have ideas to create stamps, but something about this idea bothers me. I think it is because it is to manufactured feeling. Once things become predictable and repetitive the pieces become boring to me and I lose interest in making more pieces. I have learned this semester that my work is constantly changing because I get bored very quickly. I am trying to work on acknowledging this issue so I can work on focusing more on one style versus dabbling in multiple styles. I have been doing a lot of fun hand building exercises while I am working through ideas. I have been using my hand built items to explore how different textures respond to the surface. I have also been trying to find a clay body I like throwing with. I tried a recipe recently and it is horrible to throw with but very nice to hand build with. I don’t want to waste the clay body so I have been experimenting with slump molds and pinch pots. This week I am going to make another clay body that I feel will better work for wheel throwing.