Week 3

Last week I spent a lot of time troubleshooting ideas and talking with Brooklin and Sam about my plans. They both have been helpful with giving me suggestions. One big thing I finished this week was using up all of my cone 6 clay body and firing the work. Doing this will help me push past old techniques and address my new ideas with no attachments.  I did fire the corn I sculpted for Kacey and I enjoyed the outcome. I have been messing around with ways to create textures and patterns on my work and after multiple experimentations, I discovered that I am going to create stamps that I dip into a slip or underglaze and use the stamp to create a pattern on the piece. The patterns will be inspired by nature. Like the veins of a leaf, etc. Sam gave me the idea to pour a plaster slab and carve the patterns I am interested in into the plaster and then press clay into the plaster to create stamps. I am going to do this, this week and see if the idea is going to give me the results I want.