Week 1 (fall 2018)

Trying to think about writing my semester plan has been really daunting to me because I do not see a clear path to where I plan to take my work. To avoid losing the beginning of the semester momentum I am creating mini assignments for myself to help myself think about future work. For an example I really want to work on thrown forms, so I have been using up the rest of my cone 6 clay body and throwing bowls. I have also sculpted corn on the cob for an art project I am doing with my friend Kacey Slone. Slone is currently going to grad school in Texas and when she went to IUS we always helped inspire each other’s artwork. Since we are so far apart we decided to create mini exercises for each other. Our first theme was “positive vibes”. This symbolizes that for us because we both grew up next to corn fields.

I am also working on a project where everything used to create the piece must be found. I am focusing on the effects of trash in our rivers. The trash blocks the sun from shining onto water plants and algae. This creates a block for photosynthesis to occur. I have collected most of the items I need to create my idea.