Week 15

This is the last blog post of the semester. I am looking forward to my summer break because I have a lot of new ideas I am interested in exploring. I am going to spend my summer writing down goals for myself and sketching more than I have in my past. I am also going to mess around with throwing and then hand building on top to push my forms. I want to create a tension between production and hand built- nature and manmade. I also am interested in exploring adding a narrative to my pieces. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback with where my work is headed and it has been encouraging and helped me think more broadly about my processes. I have for sure decided I am switching back to cone 10. Not only do I miss the colors you can get from it I also miss the process. Cone 6 will always be a tool I am glad I learned and will probably one day use again, but soda firing makes me feel young and adventurous and I need that fun back into my ceramic experiences. I am really excited for what my last to semesters bring!

The photos attached are a few of my favorite things I have done this past week. I made a puddle mug, I put together my digital art installation and I bought ipeces of artwork from two of my favorite IUS artists.