Week 14

My past few weeks have been really busy at school. We recently fired the wood kiln as well as the soda kiln, Both firings I helped out with. I've enjoyed taking on more responsibilities with kilns and trying to understand the process better. I can tell I have a better understanding of kilns thanks to my classmate Abby. Abby is graduating this semester and I helped her with her thesis show a long with a few of my other friends. While I am very happy with where my friends are headed in life I am going to miss them my last year at IUS. 

I have been fooling around with a lot of new ideas. I am trying out a combo of sculpting and drawing. I have always enjoyed quick sketches and I really like how stain and the soda kiln react. The drippiness adds to my narrative of each piece. This semester has made me ponder if I really want to continue cone 6 or if I want to do a combination of both atmospheric and oxidation firings. I have so many ideas with no near sign of coming up with a conclusion.