Week 10

My spring break was interesting. Normally I try and take some time to relax but I spent my break making new things for my SpaceLab show and firing a saggar with Brooklin as well as a soda and cone 6. Out of each of these firings a got multiple new items to put into my show. I mixed my new items with a few of my old items to create a domestic room. The idea of this piece is to address my childhood table conversations and the combination of two environments that comfort me (nature and home.) From experimenting with this concept, I have created some new ways I want to approach my work. I am fascinated with the idea of drawing on ceramics and I either one to start doing a Mishima method or using underglaze pencils. Another project I want to do over the summer is make a pit firing. I think it would be something I could see myself using down the road to create center pieces like the one I have in my show. I also think it would be up my alley to explore naturally ways to color my pots. I know that certain weeds make different unique colors. I am excited for my new ideas.