Week 11

This past week has been fun for me because I have made everything I need for my ceramic class so now I am just working on new ideas. I am starting to fool around with this idea that I sketch people’s personalities on a set of dinnerware that is specific to one person. Everything in that set would correlate with the user and once each set was compiled onto a table it would demonstrate the unity of meals. Right now, I have a set about my dad and I am working on one that relates to my youngest brothers. The ones I am creating are mockup ideas.

This weekend is going to be crazy because I am helping fire the wood kiln as well as firing the soda with Abby. I want to learn how to fire the soda kiln before she leaves because I can see my work benefiting from an atmospheric firing down the road. I also really enjoy the process of soda firing.

Documenting my work has always been something that I have battled. I know that as an artist I need to document my work but studio photography has never interested me. I also think that my pieces look drabby when photographed in a studio. So, last week I experimented with taking photos of my family interacting with my work and I am really enjoying the outcome.