Week 8

For the last week, I have drunk so much coffee and had zero time to stop and enjoy life that I neither know if I am alive or dead. Hopefully after my BFA critique and my art history paper is written I can stop and enjoy my trip to NCECA and Spring Break.

I have been working a lot in the studio lately and getting a lot done but I am stuck in a limbo because I don’t feel encouraged or enthused about anything. I am very jealous of students who are confident in themselves and it does not matter what others think. I feel like I make steps towards something I think will be a style I could grow on and then enough people tell me they don’t like it so I move onto something else. I am getting nervous that next semester starts my senior year and I still have not made anything I would make repeatedly because people “love” it.

The only rad thing about this week is that I almost fired lil eddie alone and I bought a sand blaster. I used it on a few pieces and enjoy how it mutes my glazes. I want to experiment more with sand blasting, but I learned that it can be expensive.