Week 9

Last week I went to NCECA in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. It was an interesting adventure and a good bonding experience. Abby and I drove down to Pittsburgh together and we stuck together throughout the week. Together we made one person and were able to navigate and plan our days out. While during the week I missed making things in my studio I also enjoyed getting a break and visiting galleries and getting inspiration for my work. My favorite gallery was located at Carrie Furnace which is a former blast furnace that is now a national historic monument. The work that was displayed there showed that the artists considered the environment. It really made me think about my ceramics and how I want to display my pieces in a more natural environment. Another one that I really enjoyed was a gallery created inside of an actual mattress store. The artists used the display beds as pedestals. I really enjoy seeing unique ways to display artwork while I am at NCECA. Fun fact while at Standards a woman backed her vehicle up into me while I was not paying attention. It did not hurt too bad, it was funnier that someone knowingly hit me and then drove off.