Week 4

Last week has been fun and filled with exploring new ideas. We worked as a class to build most of the pit firing kiln. It was oddly fun making all the bricks fit and filling the cracks with clay so that the bricks fit tighter. I have always enjoyed puzzles which is probably why I enjoyed this process. Even though out of all the kilns this one is the simplest to build it still has been interesting to learn how to build it. We have not finished building it yet but plan to finish up the kiln and fire it sometime in the next two weeks. I really can't wait to see how the firing looks. 

I took a lot of work home last week to work through some new ideas. I am exploring more with sculpting onto the vessels. I am trying to see if I think that if the mugs are hand built if the sculpted items are delicate if it looks better than applying a chunkier sculpture. I also am playing around with insects on my pieces. I have begun also working on wall hangings for dried flowers. I am making the vessels in sets of three to be hung together on a wall.