Week 7


I have been working a lot on things for my BFA critique and trying to figure out what I want to make and show for it. I went to Mud Works for my birthday and got some new tools that have been very helpful for my new hand-building experimentation. I have a new banding wheel, shredder and carving tools. The banding wheel makes coil building a lot more smoothly. The shredder also makes smoothing out my hand built items a lot easier and helps take down the piece’s weight.

I was able to fire a sagger firing last week and I was able to pull my mushrooms, acorns and pinecones out of the sagger today. They turned out all pretty crusty and rusty looking. The experience is a lot more interesting to me that the outcome. Sagger and pit firing are methods I think that a person must tweak until something remotely interesting to come out of it. Thus, far soda firing has created my favorite atmospheric look. A lot of the others are really dry and dull. Though the most interesting thing about sagger firing is how garbage food and things like salt can create different atmospheres on each pot.