Week 6

Last week was crammed packed with demos. All the advanced students were assigned to present a demo and mine was today. While I felt like my demo was really lame and something most people can grasp on their own it was still good to get up in front of people and demo. Even though I look around at my classmates and see faces who could care less and are bored I know that it is an exercise that will benefit me down the road. 

Another demo that happened last week was Link (the owner of Mud Works) came to IUS to demonstrate how to replace the elements in an electric kiln. This demo was very helpful and interesting to me since I one day plan to own an electric kiln. The job was nothing how I pictured it but after watching most of the demo everything started making more sense on how kilns operate. 

I have been really busy hand-building sets lately. I have an oil and bread set almost done. In the set, there will be four garlic grater and oil dishes, a pitcher for the oil and a dish for the bread. After this, I plan to make a lemonade set, a wine set and dip and chip set.