Week 5

Today I worked on the sagger kiln a little and had my progress critique and received some helpful feedback. Somedays I really loath critiques and feel like they are wasteful, but then randomly I am reminded of why critiques are very important. Critiques help you step back from your work and see it from another set of eyes, it helps you work through internal thoughts about your work and it offers new ideas to apply to future projects. Critiques also help you consider if one persons dislikes is another person's favorite element.  One conversation my class had about my work is that my work that is handbuilt and thrown feels unresolved but my newer hand built pieces seem to interact with one another more successfully. After the conversation, I was thinking about how I wanted to push my work and something I am interested in exploring is making sets. So for an example, if I made I made a juicing set I could handbuilt each piece and then embellish all with a rhino beetle. I want inconstancy to be a huge part of my work, but I want the pieces to flow. Like nature I want each individual piece to come together and create something beautiful.