Week 15

I feel like this semester went by so fast! Today in senior semester class we were talking about thesis show dates and I started to freak out because it felt like it was so far away but it is right around the corner. Which makes me realize for more of a piece of mind I need to start thinking about my thesis show so that I can work over break some. I have a bunch of tests that I am putting into a soda kiln this week to see if I want to use any for my show. My work is all over the place and I keep trying different styles to see what style best expresses me and the concept behind my work. Over break I think that it will give me a good time to talk through my work with people like Oliver, Brooklin, Lillian, Sydney and Sam. I’ll have more time to step back and think about my tests pieces and talk through things with others without the distraction of classes. I got a lot of work from the wood kiln that I enjoy parts of. I never enjoy my pieces as a while, I just like snippets and I take those snippets and apply that to whatever I am making next. While knowing I do not have much time between now and my thesis I am excited to begin working on my pieces for the show.