Week 11

It does not seem like it should be this late in the semester. I have mixed feelings between feeling like I have done a lot and I have gotten no where. I spent a lot of the weekend and monday working on items for the wood kiln. I am really excited to try the clay body I am using in the wood kiln and to see how the leaf prints hold up. I think I am also going to start exploring other surface treatments. I want to use this experience as a way to decide for my final semester if I want to focus on soda or wood fire. I know that I want to do an atmospheric firing because 1.) I enjoy this process and 2.) I think that the surface it provides allows me to make everyday items that have a earthy feeling.

I have also spent a lot of my weekend planning and setting up my work at a tattoo parlor for a senior semester group show. The main issue I have with setting up at this venue is the lighting options are terrible and I think that without having good lighting it makes my pieces seem hidden. It also is a very busy building which I think takes away from the artwork that is being displayed. But I am really happy for this opportunity and think over all it is coming together very nicely.