Week 14

My work has been going through a transition that I personally am really enjoying. I struggle with starting a body of work and instantly getting bored.  The work I started with at the beginning of this semester took me almost a week before I lost interest. I struggled with feeling like the work was cliché and tacky because of the leaf print. The print meant a lot to me but I feel like a person’s first reaction to my pieces were not ending up what I wanted and they also did not express my personality. I also get bored when throwing on the wheel and visually do not care about the surface throwing gives me. So I have been making this new body of work about how I eat and drink when I am anxious because I fidget really bad to self-calm. I am adding a bunch of items that the user could fiddle with and distract themselves. I am also thinking about adding small sketches that a little windows into what is happening inside my brain. I think that I am going to mess with cone 6 again to obtain colors that I want but I also want to continue soda firing over break!