Week 13

This past week was crazy! It was filled with Sam Chumley coming down and doing a workshop and helping fire the wood kiln. I did not have a lot of time spent in my studio, yet was busy with prepping for the workshop and the wood kiln. I spent a lot of time splitting wood and glazing work. I really enjoyed firing the wood kiln because while at times it can be stressful it is an experience that teaches you how to be patient with others even when you want to scream. It also teaches you about team work and making the best of things. It also brings the weirdness out of people due to lack of sleep and long hours spent together.

Since I have not been able to make work I have spent a lot of time thinking about my work while doing other ceramic related tasks. I am at a loss of what I want to do but reverting back to hand building has been a great experience. I am making pots about fidgeting and how eating and fiddling with things have always been a method I use to calm my nerves and due to a lot of personal things this random exercise has been a very therapeutic experience.