Week 12

Last week was my senior semester group show so a lot of my time was spent focused on preparing for that. With that over it feels like a lot of weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can start focusing on just making and seeing where that takes me. I have also been making as much work as possible for the wood firing happening this weekend. I have made a bunch of random things that I am very unsure how they will turn out in an atmospheric firing but I am interested to find out. After the body of work I made for my Senior group show I wanted to explore making pots that were solely just pots with no deeper meaning. I just felt like a lot of times I focus on the conceptual side more that I focus on just going through the motions of making. It has honestly been a freeing exercise where I have had the ability to discover new ideas that I am really drawn too. I have been hand building instead of throwing on the wheel because I have realized that one issue I have with the wheel is that I feel like the wheel is a barrier between me and the piece and that if I wheel throw there is a certain type of perfection people are looking for that I have no interesting in obtaining. When I wheel throw I limit my imagination to what form I threw, but with hand building I continue to alter and change the piece. In summary like normal I don’t know what I am doing!