Week 7

I have had a really productive week. While I did have cone packs explode in a soda firing and had to unload and reload the kiln with Brooklin, I am currently firing the soda and thus far everything has been great. From this mistake I have learned to play it safe and make cone packs with wadding and not clay. This week has for sure been a learning experience that has caused me a lot of stress but I feel like the stress has caused me to learn more in this week than I have all semester about firing kilns and prepping for firing. Along with firing I made a new clay body that I have really enjoyed throwing with. The clay body is really smooth and is also nice to hand build with. So making handles has been more enjoyable. I have been thinking a lot of about my forms and thinking about forms people would respond to as an everyday object. I am really striving to find forms humans want to take off the shelf everyday and interact with. For me foot rims have a fancy feel to them and most everyday user items so not have foot rings. I am exploring ways to allow the bottom to not look flat on a table, but have a simple feel.