Week 10

Last week was insane and spent driving a lot. I spent most of the week in muncie firing a soda kiln, then going back and cleaning the soda kiln, and then I stay for Jason Burnett workshop. I am glad I took the time to attend this workshop. I came back with many new ideas and ways to approach my own work. One idea Jason gave me is to write down a 100 words that describe my work and then use those words to write an artist statement. Another cool tip is the Jason put Tea Tree oil into his spray bottle because it smells good and has anti-fungal properties. The last tip I will mention is that Jason saves clippings from magazines, books, newspapers, ads etc and uses them to inspire his work. He said that looking other artists is helpful but also can also cause issue with people copying other artists. But with an inspirational board you will fully be inspired by your own thoughts. On my drive home I thought a lot about the workshop, what I had learned, what I am currently experiencing in my life and my work that came out of the kiln and realized my work was actually about a different topic than I had thought. It is interesting how much being alone forces to really think about everything going on and really sort through things you are not fully facing due to daily distractions.