Week 9

Last week was crazy and stressful. The beginning of the week started out with a whole shelf of work falling and realizing that the natural gas panel had issues which meant I would not be able to fire the soda kiln. I became nervous that I would not have work for my senior Semester group show and my dude Sam invited me to come and fire as his school. I hurried up and made a bunch of work in two days and quickly bisqued all my work and then drove to Sam’s college on Sunday and fired the kiln on Monday. It was a really good experience firing a different kiln and learning firing techniques. I will be driving back down Wednesday night to unload and see if anything turned out good. We did a salt/soda firing with logs and spray and I am ready to see how this looks compared to just soda and spraying. There are a lot of variables with this firing that I have no idea how anything is going to look. I am using a new clay body, trying a different way of printing onto the mugs and used glazes that are not ones I am familiar with. So if my work comes out looking horrible it is Sam’s fault.