Week 8

Last week I fired the soda kiln. I have not fired it alone before and it felt good to make choices on my own and learn how changing the damper, gas and air affects the kiln. I liked parts of the firing and learned a lot of adjustments I plan to make. I learned I do not like how the color blocking looks once soda fired, but I enjoy the natural prints. So my new attempt is to paint white behind the print. I know that white underglaze does not burn out like most underglazes and mason slips. I want to try other underglazes and see which ones burn out in a soda firing. I plan to run a test soda with glazes and knew print ideas this weekend and then use that information to tweak my work and soda fire again the last week of October. Fingers crossed that something good comes out of this next firing. The next week I also need to start really thinking about how I want to display my work for the senior Semester show at Prophecy Ink. My idea is to create a section of a kitchen and display my work within the shelves and counter space. I have some counters I plan to experiment this week to see if it will display my work in the manner I envision it.