Week 6 #thriving

I have spent a lot of week 6 preparing for a soda firing such as making wadding and glazing my work. I ran out of clay last week and have not been able to work on new pieces. I plan to make clay this week but am trying to find a clay body I enjoy working with. I am also wanting to see what my work looks like in the soda firing before continuing. I did have left over clay that I mixed that I hated throwing with and I am hand building a bonsai tray for my brother. It looks more like I am building my personally coffin.

I do not have much to blog about this week because it has been filled more with busy work than making work. But fun fact I mixed kiln wash incorrectly and painted the wrong mixture onto a bunch of kiln shelfs. I am currently working on removing the kiln wash and painting on the proper mixture. #killingit