Week 3

I have been busy last work working on items for the sagger firing. I have been having issues with the clay not working well with hand building, especially the terracotta. During my meeting with Lindsey Dezman on Wednesday, she mentioned why not trying to make ceramic baskets. I really liked this idea and even thought about designing them in a fashion where I can weave with reed.  Like I was thinking about weaving the basket handles with reed.  I have also been thinking about pushing my sculpture elements on my pieces. And how to alter my pieces in the wheel to better benefit anything I sculpt onto the surface. I was thinking about how if I flattened a side of an object or dented it in it could give me an interesting surface to add to. I made a rough idea of what I am envisioning with one of the pictured mugs below. I was thinking about applying this idea to mixing bowls, fruit bowls, vases and much much more. I am in this weird area where I can't decide what I like working better with, sculpting onto functional items or applying natural textures in unique manners. I am leaning towards finding a way for this to successful be joined. I was thinking about how I could apply the texture to the mugs and then have these sculpted elements interacting.