Week One (Spring Semester)

The first week of the spring semester had been filled with a lot of brainstorming for all of my classes. Coming into the spring semester I had a few ideas for my ceramic class that I had thought of over break. I really want to explore creating more rustic work that you can see more of my handprint. I also want to make sets of items. For an example, I would like to make lemonade making sets. In the set, there would be a lemon juicer, four "glasses" and a pitcher. I have created some rough ideas for juicers and next, I plan to throw some pitchers. 

Since this semester is focusing on atmosphere firing I have been really trying to think how this could connect with my work. As far as actual items I have come up with nothing because for my personal work I really do not like the look of atmosphere firing. But something I would be interested in trying out is sculpting items like acorns, pinecones, leaves, mushrooms etc and throwing centerpiece bowls and placing the sculpted natural item into them. 

This week I hope to begin on sculpting some pieces for the sagger firing and creating more pieces for my own personal work that I want feedback for during my BFA critique.