Testing Cone 6 Glazes

Over my fall semester I have been working on testing cone 6 glazes. I had a lot of failures but I also made some glazes that I believe I will keep and continue to tweak. One glaze I created has a beautiful thick drip that I plan to create either a teal or light blue color with over my winter break. Testing as much as I have lately can be a let down but once you finally make one glaze that fits your style it is rewarding. 

I have also been making a lot of different hand built and thrown items for a kitchen. I am drawn to researching domestic lifestyles and creating items that compliment that. I have made some berry bowls, spoons, and cups. Over winter break I plan to make 100 more solid items before beginning my next semester. 

Below are some photos of items I made with the glazes I created applied to them.