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Artist Statement

Ceramics is the material that links my work together. I resonate with this medium the most because it reminds me of being a child squishing mud between my fingers as I made mud pies for my dolls. The texture and smell of clay brings back memories of the world being simple. Finding a sense of comfort in an un-comforting world heavily influences my work.

I use a variety of mediums to re-create environments that help express nostalgia. My work changes and grows frequently as my work is constantly influenced by my surroundings. I am always trying out new techniques and materials. I address all the mediums in the same manner. When considering the medium, I think about memory, textures, moments, and emotions that the materials remind me of. My work has a feeling of innocence but addresses a deeper meaning. Through my hardships, I have always held onto my childhood. Holding onto those pure moments are what help keep me afloat. By addressing these deeper meanings in a more innocent based manner I feel that a larger audience can relate to the work and develop their own personal connection.